the real Story

Paso Robles, California, United States

"I played, I partied, and did all the wrong things thinking that was what life in music was about. Then I met a cute accountant and learned some hard lessons. She booked me out several months in advance, we turned this operation into a real business, and we left our day jobs shortly after. She hasn't missed a show in over two years."

Now venues are calling us to open for Los Lonely Boys, Jefferson Starship, Ozomatli, Robby Krieger, and artists that I love. It's truly a blessing.

We've toured all over California, Hawaii, completed the #RoadToTheRecords U.S. solo tour in May 2018 to Vegas, Chicago, Memphis, St. Louis, Denver and more. But we aren't stopping there. We just announced a Pacific Coast tour for August & September and we plan to take on the globe in 2019!

Soul, Rock, Latin, Blues, Reggae, Pop, world beats--he loves it all. And he does it well.

But he's doing it differently.

"I love making music. It's my soul and my obsession." The world is his drum, as he writes in his original, "Todos Los Tiempos."

"But I also run my band like a business. We're independent and we have the good sense to know you have to rock it in a board room as well as you rock it on the stage". And he carries those values into everyday life. "The magic is in the habits and in the ability to break free from the ordinary."

He's from a mountain town and she's from wine country.

"People who really know me remember me singing through the aisles of Wal-Mart where I worked before breaking out into full-time music. They know I grew up in Frazier Park, CA where there was nothing to do but get in trouble and make music." Paso Robles wine country was up and coming and looked like the perfect place to get into the scene.